Working with Us

Working with Us

Annual retainer – by purchasing a minimum amount of hours per month in advance a client is given priority service levels and a discount from the retail rate. Contracts are reviewed semi-annually and adjusted if the actual demand is greater or less than the retainer.

Daily rate – a retail rate for smaller engagements with some discounts available for multi-day commitments.

Hourly rate –retail rate for small projects such as a technical support incident response or minor task.

Project Based - a flat rate based on the scope, resources required and value of the project.

Additional out of scope work can be mutually agreed upon on a project-by-project basis. For example if you are a retainer client for VCTO services and then decide that you would Synth-Bank to project manage the implementation of a software package you would then make a special addendum to the agreement for the additional scope of work. This scope could be priced, daily, monthly or by project.