Creative Consulting Services

Music Production

Collaborating with artists to bring their musical ideas to fruition. We work with artists, guiding you through the creative process that brings your work to its completion. Synth-Bank helps artists identify their vision and build upon it. We are experienced producers that will help you find the right sounds for your work, refining the composition, arrangement and structure.

As music producers we work with artists to help them define their artistic vision. From that, we help nurture and shape your work, bringing out its best and showcasing your artistic intent at its finest.

Audio Engineering

Capturing an artist’s performance at its peak. We work with artists to understand their intent, and match it to the best engineered performance possible. Synth-Bank has a deep understanding of the tools and techniques needed for a well engineered sound, and extensive experience in putting that knowledge to use.

Audio engineering is equal parts art and technical knowledge. Guided by the artist’s unique vision, and a fine tuned sense of balance and proportion, we can help each artist sound better than their best.

Song Writing and Editing

Collaborating with artists in the song writing process. We work with artists to turn their rough drafts into polished works. We assist artists in translating budding song ideas into finished products, walking you through the process of revision and fine tuning. Synth-Bank adds value to your work through co-writing and editing, giving you honest and constructive feedback.

We will put our deep understanding of music theory, song structures and composition to work for you, collaborating with artists to help them realize their vision and craft the finest songs possible.

Artist Development

Working with artists to identify their artistic strengths and goals. Synth-Bank helps match business considerations with artistic intent, coaching artists in the best ways to stay focused and successful. We work with the artist to help them analyze and identify possibilities for their commercial potential and target markets.

Artist development means understanding not just an artist’s strengths, but their weaknesses. We leverage both to help artists let loose their best. Synth-Bank helps match artists with the like minded professionals they need to further their development. We unearth the resources you need to continue your artistic growth.


Making your artistic vision a reality. We work with artists to to identify the actionable steps that will take them from an artistic dream to something concrete. By initiating conversations about what you want to accomplish, we can help you manifest those goals. Synth-Bank works with artists, initiating the actions and conversations needed to help each artist reach their fullest potential.

Experience Production

If there is something that you have always wanted to do as an artist, but have yet to achieve, Synth-Bank will help you experience that major life goal. We provide user-focused guidance that helps the client understand the experience they want to have, and the steps needed to take it from a dream to a reality.