Technology Consulting Services

Virtual Chief Technology Officer

Companies can have the benefit of a Senior Information Technology Executive for a fraction of the cost of a comparable full time employee. By timesharing this valuable resource, smaller companies can have leadership, strategic planning, technology spending oversight and vendor relationship management. The VCTO working together with local desktop support resources can fulfill many of the capabilities provided by a much larger IT organization while providing maximum return on the IT dollar.

The Virtual Chief Technology Officer will help your IT department leverage current and emergent technologies to meet your organization’s business objectives. The VCTO can help your organization develop forward thinking technology plans, guiding investment in cutting edge technologies that reduce overhead and increase your ROI. For a fraction of the cost of a full time TCO you can have a highly experienced technical officer with strength, leadership and an intimate knowledge of IT ecosystems.

Strategic Planning

Working with your organization to set clear goals and define the actions you need to achieve them. Synth-Bank will help you accurately assess your current business environment, and will assist your organization in developing a plan to better position itself within that environment.

Strategic planning requires understanding where an organization wants to go, and the best way to get it there. We examine the resources you have at your disposal and the most efficient ways to put them to use. Armed with an in-depth analysis of your business, and a clear understanding of your objectives, we will help your organization get from where it is now to where you want it to be tomorrow.

Electronic Architecture for Construction

Working with property owners to develop functional specifications for the construction or remodeling that provide the electronics capabilities such as audio/visual, phones, network, video surveillance, security, alarm. Managing vendors to deliver to specification.

Project Design and Scoping

Analyzing your business requirements and designing the best process to meet your project’s goals. We will work with your organization to define which product set types will be the starting point for your project. From there, we work with your organization to develop that functional requirements that define your project’s scope.

With a firm understanding of your project’s scope, we will help develop a process that meets your organization’s objectives and utilizes your resources effectively.

Project Management

Provide leadership to assist in managing the scope, budget and costs for your project.

Product Development

Working with your staff to develop new features and identify new market applications for your products.

Project Staffing

Using our comprehensive network of relationships to bring together teams that are appropriate for our project’s scope and budget.

System Analysis

Mapping systems and processes to accurately understand the core components at work. We work with your organization to develop a clear understanding of the underlying components in a given system. We help your organization pinpoint existing technologies, as well as untapped opportunities, that can be leveraged to improve overall system performance, reliability and cost.

Synth-Bank works with your organization to identify where each piece fits in a complex, interconnected system. By analyzing that, we can help you document its current state, and help you weigh the costs and benefits of modifying or expanding existing systems, processes, procedures and methods.


Providing focused research into specific business issues to determine what the current state of the art is what areas can be studied further to move your organization into a leading position.

Business Alignment

Aligning organizations with the technologies and processes needed to effectively meet their business objectives. We work with organizations to map their needs to existing and emergent technologies that meet and support their current objectives.

Every organization faces a unique set of circumstances, with unique challenges to be met. By working with businesses to understand their needs, Synth-Bank can help your organization align itself with process that meet you business objectives more effectively.


Solving problems in complex systems by identifying working and non-working components. If an organization is experiencing breakdowns in its vital systems or processes, it sometimes takes an outside professional to spot and diagnose problems that are cropping up in complex, interconnected structures.

Synth-Bank’s proprietary method of problem solving works through these systems to isolate what is and isn’t working. Out-of-the-box thinking, a fresh perspective and meticulous analysis will help your businesses troubleshoot what components are causing problems. Our methodical examination will help your organization identify issues and streamline system performance.

Due Diligence

Providing analysis on products and companies providing an independent study of the competencies and liabilities for a prospective purchaser or investor.