About Us

Synth Bank® was founded in late 1983 by Bryan Bell as a secret project to develop the first online music system of a Synthesizer Databank. Creating the name from the contraction of Synthesizer Databank into Synth-Bank our company was born. We built prototype systems on the GE Link, AppleLink, MacNet and the PAN network utilizing the Apple 2E hardware as a client computer. In early 1984 upon the release of the Apple Macintosh computer, we began to promote the system to the major synthesizer manufacturing companies as a way to build communities for their users and connect their clientele through email. We provided the first online distribution of public domain sound file collections and began the task of signing up recording artists for the resale of their custom developed sounds. After a lengthy engagement with the US Patent and Trademark Office Synth-Bank was awarded the first copyright of a synthesizer sound file collection. In 1986 Synth-Bank organized as Synth-Bank, LLC in Oregon and was awarded a federal trademark registration for the name. With the advent of the Fairlight synthesizer adopting 16 bit stereo Redbook audio file formats for their synthesizer we developed a tool to upload the Fairlight sound files for electronic distribution, After getting that system to work we realized that we could actually distribute CD Audio files using the Synth-Bank system - effectively make Synth-Bank the first company to pioneer online distribution of music.

Over the years, Bryan’s consulting practice grew larger than the online music system and we created Synth-Bank Consulting LLC as a vehicle to serve Bryan’s clients. Over the last 3 decades Bryan has worked with the greatest names in entertainment, finance and high technology. Client such as Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, Wynton Marsalis, Branford Marsalis, Paul Allen, George Russell, Neil Young, Boeing,  Domain Chandon and Apple have used Bryan’s consulting to add value to their projects and enterprises.